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Monday, May 15, 2017

Saint Pachomios the Great Resource Page

St. Pachomios the Great (Feast Day - May 15)


Pachomios made thin the stoutness of his flesh,
Gathering strength in his soul before his departure.
On the fifteenth Pachomios was carried off to the other side.

Synaxarion of Holy Abba Pachomios the Great

Saint Pachomios the Great, Founder of Cenobitic Monasticism

Holy Abba Palamon, Spiritual Father of Saint Pachomios the Great

The Angelic Revelation of the Cenobitic Rule to St. Pachomios the Great

When Funerals Are Not Beneficial and It Is More Compassionate to the Dead to Not Conduct Them (From the Life of Saint Pachomios the Great)

Encounter Between St. Pachomius the Great and St. Makarios of Alexandria

Abba Pachomios and the Phantom

When Abba Pachomios Received the Gift of Tongues

Saint Pachomios the Great as a Model for our Lives

Saint Petronios, Disciple of Saint Pachomios

Saint Theodore the Sanctified, Disciple of Pachomios the Great

The Manner By Which Saint Theodore the Sanctified Embraced Monasticism

Holy Abba Psoi, Disciple of Saint Pachomios the Great

Saint Silvanos of Tabennisi, the Former Actor Who Had the Gift of Tears

Saint Athenodoros the Leper, Disciple of Pachomios the Great

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