May 24, 2017

Synaxarion of Saint Symeon of the Wondrous Mountain

St. Symeon the New Stylite of the Wondrous Mountain (Feast Day - May 24)


Beforehand Symeon you inhabited the land of Wondrous Mountain,
Now you dwell on the all-wondrous mountain in the heavens.
On the twenty-fourth Symeon you entered where noetic beings are all around.

The Venerable and Wonderworking Symeon, lived during the reign of Emperor Justin II (565-574). He was born in Antioch of Syria, whose father was named John and was from Edessa, and mother was named Martha who was raised in Antioch. All that is written of him is wondrous, and higher than the boundaries of human nature, both those things which took place through him with the help of God, and those things he himself did. He was conceived through prayer, and before he was conceived the great Forerunner and Baptist John testified of him regarding his future virtue, and he foretold the perfection to his mother that her son was to receive. Having been born, he never breastfed from the left breast of his mother. By this she considered her child would be eager towards good impulse, and that he would not participate in the wicked works of the left. When he was six years old, although not of a mature age, he did not care for childish things, and was not easily led towards that which is vulgar, therefore this divinely-wise child turned away from all these earthly things of leisure, and he went to the mountain, where he immediately undertook such a harsh life and dwelling, which only by forcing himself was he able to acquire after many years a habit towards, this even by aged men. Thus through such eagerness and life, he beheld many divine and angelic appearances and visions, which taught him all that he was to do, namely to always honor that which is good and virtuous, and to flee and hate wickedness and sin.

Although the renowned Symeon was in a body, he exceeded the nature of the body and its unique features, for he did not eat human food, but incorruptible food, which was brought to him from heaven until he was released by death. Such things, as well as his miracles which are boundless in number, are recounted in his complete biography. What alone is worth highlighting here, is that when the Saint was a young child, he fled the world. First he entered that monastery which he entered when he came down from the mountain. He was the first to ascend the mountain and lived there for six years. Then he ascended a pillar, which he stood on for eighteen years. Going to the Wondrous Mountain, he lived ten years on a high place with dry stones. After this he ascended a small pillar, on which he spent forty-five years, so that all the years of his life were eighty-five. In his seventy-ninth year, the blessed one shined with superhuman asceticism and endurance, and thus reposed in the Lord, entering into angelic glory and brilliance.

Apolytikion in the First Tone
Thou didst shine from the wondrous mountain, as a lamp of the gifts of asceticism. Thy pillar has become a ladder from earth to heaven, for those who hasten to thy fold, O wonderworking Symeon. Glory to Him Who has strengthened thee; glory to Him Who has crowned thee; glory to Him Who through thee works healings for all.

Kontakion in Plagal of the Fourth Tone
Thou didst long for things on high and renounce things below; thou didst make thy pillar another heaven and shine with radiant miracles, O Symeon, ever interceding with Christ our God for us all.