May 17, 2017

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Solochon, Pamphamir and Pamphylon

Sts. Solochon, Pamphamir and Pamphylon (Feast Day - May 17)


To Solochon.
Solochon escaped the ambush of Satan,
Unwounded he approaches the Logos on high.

To Pamphamir and Pamphylon.
Although smitten be of good courage ye two Martyrs,
God softens the blows by placing on you crowns.

These Saints lived during the reign of Emperor Maximian (286-305). They were from Egypt and soldiers by profession under the tribune Campanus, with a thousand other soldiers. Leaving Egypt with Campanus they came to Chalcedon. Because the emperor ordered every commander to force their soldiers to sacrifice to idols, for this reason Campanus forced his soldiers to perform the imperial order. When all the soldiers were compelled to do so, only three soldiers resisted, Solochon (Solon), Pamphamir and Pamphylon, proclaiming themselves Christians, and saying with certainty, that no matter what torment they underwent, they would not renounce Christ, but they would endure death for their faith.

Therefore the renowned ones were flogged and punished so much, that their backs became swollen, swelling up their wound till it reached over their heads. Thus Pamphamir and Pamphylon delivered their souls to God during this flogging. Saint Solochon was slightly strengthened, and boldly calling upon the name of Christ, he accused Campanus of being ignorant, because he called lifeless idols gods. This enraged Campanus, so he ordered the mouth of the Martyr to be opened with a sword, to make him drink the wine which was offered to the gods as a sacrifice. The Saint instead bit the sword with his teeth, and cut off a portion of it. After biting off the bonds he wore as well, he stood before Campanus, magnifying the divinity of Christ, and mocking the demonic wickedness of the ruler. Then he heard a voice from heaven, which incited and strengthened him towards martyrdom.

After this they scattered jagged tiles in the stadium, and they bound the Saint by his feet, dragging him seven times over the jagged and hard tiles, which pulled at the wounds of the Saint, causing him sharp pains. Then they bound the Martyr by his right hand, hanging him from the beam of a building, and from his left foot they hung a heavy stone. The Saint was tormented with this torture from the sixth to the tenth hour, and he remained unpersuaded to renounce Christ. They then cut the rope with a scythe, and when the Saint fell, he stood up on his feet.

When night came, Campanus was very enraged, because he was unable to persuade the Saint. Therefore he took a quill which he used to write, and shoved it into the ear of the Saint, pushing at it violently, so that it passed through his head and out the other side. After this he went to distribute the payments to his other soldiers, while Christians who were nearby took the Saint on a wooden bed, because all his bodily members were paralyzed and he was unable to walk, and they brought him to the house of a widow. There the Saint ate some bread, blessed the Christians surrounding him, then looking up to heaven, he delivered his blessed soul into the hands of God, from Whom he received the crown of the contest.