May 27, 2017

Synaxis of All Saints of Boeotia

Synaxis of All Saints of Boeotia (Feast Day - Last Saturday of May)

The Saints of Boeotia have been honored since 26 January 2002, when the right aisle of the Church of Saint Nicholas the New was dedicated to them, and on the Second Sunday of Great Lent that same year Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Halkida consecrated the silver-covered icon on the icon screen of the church with holy myrrh.

Following this, the Alexandrian Hymnographer Dr. Haralambos Bousias was commissioned to compose the Apolytikion, Kontakion and Megalynarion of the feast. Then the Divine Office to the Saints composed by the late Fr. Gerasimos Mikragiannanitou was submitted for publication in 2002. It was then established that their Apolytikion be chanted at every Divine Liturgy and their entire Divine Office be chanted on the Second Sunday of Great Lent. Lastly an icon was set up for veneration at the right aisle of the Church of Saint Demetrios the New, painted by Elias Demetrelos. This icon depicts the following Saints, from the bottom up:

First Row

Saint Luke the Apostle (Oct. 18)

Saint Rufus of the Seventy (Apr. 8)

Saint John Kaloktenis, Metropolitan of Thebes (Apr. 29)

Hieromartyr Reginos, Bishop of Skopelos (Feb. 25)

Second Row

Saint Clement the Stylite of Mount Sagmata (Jan. 26)

Saint Germanos of Mount Sagmata (Jan. 26)

Saint Seraphim the Struggler of Mount Domvu (May 6)

Third Row

Saint Niketas of Thebes (June 23)

Saint Meletios the New of Mount Myoupolis (Sept. 1)

Top Row

Saint Luke the New of Mount Steirion (Feb. 7)

The Holy Metropolis of Thebes and Livadeia has issued that the celebration of the Boeotian Saints be held each year on the last Saturday of May. And in May of 2011 Metropolitan George of Thebes and Livadeia consecrated a church to All Saints of Boeotia as well as Saint John the Russian in Elaiona, Thebes.

Apolytikion in Plagal of the First Tone
Let us praise the guardians of Boeotia, Luke the Apostle, Rufus, Luke the boast of Steirion, Seraphim, Niketas, Clement, Meletios, Reginos, both Germanos and John the wise bishops, and Kaloktenis, whose unhesitating entreaties to the Savior are received.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
Let us sing hymns to the ten-fold choir of Saints, the luminous patrons of Boeotia, who did shine upon it with their bright lives, in various times, glorifying Christ, and were luminously glorified, ever intercede on our behalf, those who praise you in this assembly.

Rejoice, the revered ten-fold chorus of Saints, aides of Boeotia, fervent mediators to the Master, and the ornaments of the Church.

Church of All Saints of Boeotia and Saint John the Russian