Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Saint Sophia of Kleisoura Sings a Song to the Panagia

The primary teaching of St. Sophia of Kleisoura was this: What is the meaning of the Panagia?

She would tell people how every day the Panagia would come to her and they conversed with one another.

Her constant prayer was to the Panagia, especially the prayer: "My Panagia lelevouse!" The word "lelevouse" is a Pontian word that is so sacred, that Pontians would only use it if they really and truly meant it. It is almost impossible to translate, but it basically means that you completely and wholeheartedly care about someone and love them as if they mean everything to you.

She advised people to ask the Panagia to keep God from sending fire upon the world.

Below is a song recorded by Archimandrite Maximos Karavas (Abbot of the Monastery of Saint Paraskevi in Florina) of Saint Sophia singing a song to her beloved Panagia:

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