May 20, 2020

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Asklas the Egyptian

St. Asklas the Egyptian (Feast Day - May 20)


The tongue of Asklas the Egyptian brought fire,
Tongues of fire through his divinely inspired preaching.

He was from the Thebaid of Egypt, and was accused before the governor Arrian for his faith in Christ. Having boldly confessed Christ, he was suspended and lacerated on his sides, and then put in prison.

When the governor went to cross the Nile River on a boat, the Saint prayed that he not be able to disembark on dry land, until he confessed the divinity of Christ in writing. For this reason the boat was held back, and was unable to sail. Knowing about this, the Saint sent a letter to the governor, which said that there was no other way to disembark on dry land, unless he confessed the divinity of Christ in writing. The governor then asked for some paper and wrote, that the God of the Christians is great, and beside Him there is no other. With this the boat began to move, and it sailed towards the dry ground.

When the governor disembarked his heart once again was hardened just like Pharaoh. He thus brought the Saint before him, and had his sides burnt with lit torches. He was then tied to a rock and cast into the Nile River, and in this way the renowned one received the crown of martyrdom.