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May 17, 2020

Christ Went to Jacob's Well to Teach Us to Honor and Dwell in the Memory of His Saints (St. Cyril of Alexandria)

By St. Cyril of Alexandria

(Commentary on John, Bk. 2, Ch. 4)

Having crossed the borders of Judaea, and being now among aliens, the Savior rests upon Jacob's well, showing us again as in a type and darkly, that even though the preaching of the gospel should depart from Jerusalem, and the Divine Word at length hasten forth to the Gentiles, there shall not be lost therewith to Israel the love to their fathers, but Christ shall cleave to them again, and shall again be refreshed and rest, as in His Saints, preserving to them the pristine unfading grace. For He loves to dwell in the memories of His Saints, that He may make Himself an example to us in this also, and may become the Beginning and Door of the honor given to the fathers. But being wearied with His journey, as it is written, He rested, that in this too He may accuse the impiety of those that drove Him away. For whereas they ought to have gained His friendship by kindly honors, cherishing Him with reverence and fear, as a Benefactor, they maltreat the Lord with toil and labors, that He may be true, saying of them in the book of Psalms, "And they rewarded Me evil for good."