May 20, 2020

Venerable Mark the Hermit

St. Mark the Hermit (Feast Day - March 5 and May 20)


Mark was given a great garden in Eden,
The garden Christ found at his tomb of old.

Venerable Mark the Hermit reposed in peace.*


It seems most likely this is the same Saint the Church commemorates on March 5th where he is known as Venerable Mark the Anchorite of Athens, an ascetic who was discovered and written about by Abba Serapion. In the Synaxarion of Constantinople, he seems to be slightly confused with Saint Mark the Ascetic, who authored various texts. In more recent times, it seems, Mark of Athens and Mark the Ascetic were distinguished and both were commemorated together on March 5th, while in the Slavic Churches Mark of Athens is commemorated on April 5th. In reality, however, it seems like he was always commemorated, with no biographical information, on May 5th.