May 29, 2020

Official Announcement of the Church of Crete on the Manner of Reception of the Divine Eucharist

The Sacred Eparchial Synod of the Church of Crete, on the occasion of the discussion that has arisen, but also due to the online public debate and the various positions and views, in reference to the Mystery of Mysteries, the Divine Eucharist and Divine Communion of the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, with a deep sense of pastoral responsibility, unanimously announces, and in every way, that the All-Holy Mystery of the Divine Eucharist is nonnegotiable, as the ecclesiastical experience testifies that the established method of transmission today, and for a series of centuries, of the All-Holy Body and Honorable Blood of our Christ to the faithful, is not the cause of illness, therefore it is not a matter of discussion or dialogue.

The Church of Crete, far from fanaticism, excommunications and dangerous experiments, expresses, once again, the need to strengthen our faith in the Triune True God, to remain steadfast with unwavering and strong dedication to the boundaries "that have been set by our Fathers", in order to remain immovable in the Faith of the Saints, without exaggerations and fears.

Let us respect the Mystery of Mysteries and do not be distracted by hurried and targeted voices, which cause confusion and noise.

After all, the free approach toward the Sacred Mystery of the Divine Eucharist has as a precondition, among other things, the true and genuine faith of people, without "second thoughts" and doubts, in order for their communion with the All-Holy Body and Honorable Blood of our Lord, to issue forth "the forgiveness of sins and eternal life."

It may be necessary, more than ever, in these difficult and changing times, to empower and strengthen our faith, to heal our weaknesses, to remain steadfast in the ship of our Holy Church, and to approach it with reverence and hope, as well as heartfelt prayer, and the Grace and the mercy of the All-Holy God, so that we may come out strong and strengthened by our common trial.

Heraklion, May 27, 2020

From the Sacred Eparchial Synod of the Church of Crete

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.