May 22, 2020

Saint Fulk of Santopadre

St. Fulk of Santopadre (Feast Day - May 22)

Saint Fulk was from England and lived in the seventh century. He went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and other holy places with Bernard, Arduin and Gerard. Upon returning from the Holy Land, Saint Fulk and his companions stopped at Mount Gargano to visit the Grotto of the Archangel Michael. Going north to Benevento (present Lazio), Saint Fulk stopped in the town of Amnen (today Santopadre, in the province of Frosinone), where he spent the rest of his life selflessly helping victims of the plague that struck the region. After his death by the same plague he was buried at the hospital where he helped the sick.

When the hospital was destroyed, the memory of the holy English wandered was lost. One day Saint Fulk appeared to someone who was sick and indicated to him the place of his burial. Thus, the body of the Saint was exhumed, placed in a reliquary and transferred to a church named after him. Today he is the patron saint of Santopadre.