May 16, 2020

Holy Martyrs Isaac, Symeon and Bachthisoes of Persia

Sts. Isaac, Symeon and Bachthisoes (Feast Day - May 16)


In the fire expired three who were like-minded,
Isaac, Symeon and Bachthisoes.

The Holy Martyrs Isaac, Symeon and Bachthisoes were from Persia and lived during the reign of King Shapur II (309-379). Fire-worshiping Persians arrested them for being Christians and brought them before King Shapur, who urged them to deny their faith in Christ and offer up a sacrifice to the sun and to fire. They replied: "We will not deny Christ, who is the true God, and the Creator of all that has been made. We turn away from the sun and fire, for they are among the things He has made."

This response enraged the tyrant, for which they were harshly beaten while bound by their hands and feet, then cast into prison for seven days without food. They were then removed from prison and endured various tortures. Finally their honorable and sacred heads were cut off,* and in this way they received from the Lord the unfading crown of martyrdom.


* According to the Menologion of Basil II, they were beheaded, while the Synaxarion of Constantinople says they were burned alive.