December 8, 2016

Saint Patapios and the Healing of the Boy Born Blind

A certain pious youth from Constantinople was blind since birth. When he heard of the Saint's attributes and his wonderful life that he lived in his cell at Blachernae, he went to Patapios, assisted by others. There he imitated the blind man of the Gospel and cried aloud with great fervor to the Saint, "Have mercy on me, for the sake of the Lord, O son of light and grace, and enlighten my eyes so that I too may see visible objects and praise the Creator through creation!"

As he said these things, the Saint had compassion on him; for, indeed, he was a compassionate man. But the Saint dared not to attempt such a deed out of his humility. He therefore said to the blind youth, in order to clearly understand his thinking: "What worthwhile aspect do you recognize in me that you should seek me for something that only the almighty Creator of the world can perform?"

The youth, with tears, then cried out even more pitifully, supplicating Patapios with humble words, reassuring him that he could, as a genuine servant of Christ, give him his desired cure. The Saint then said to him with faith: "In the name of the Lord Christ who restores sight to the blind and resurrects the dead, open your eyes." As he pronounced these words, behold the supreme miracle! The blind one received his sight and joyfully praised God. Those who stood around him marveled at seeing this. Henceforth, they would point out to others and say: "He is the one who was born blind, and his sight was restored by Patapios."