Saturday, December 17, 2016

Prophet Daniel Resource Page

Holy Prophet Daniel (Feast Day - December 17)

Synaxarion of the Holy Prophet Daniel and the Three Children Ananias, Azarias and Misael

The Holy Prophet Daniel and the Three Youths: Ananias, Azarias and Misael

A Homily on the Steadfastness of Daniel the Prophet

The Relics of the Prophet Daniel in Constantinople

Abba Irenaeus: "Let Us Imitate the Three Children"

What the Fiery Furnace of Babylon Foreshadowed

The Sunday Before the Nativity of Christ

The Fleshless and Incarnate Logos

The 70 Weeks Prophecy of Daniel According to St. Jerome

An Annual Liturgical Drama That Took Place in Hagia Sophia on the Sunday Before Christmas

What is the River of Fire?

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