Sunday, December 4, 2016

Saint John of Damascus Resource Page

St. John of Damascus (Feast Day - December 4)


You have filled the earth with pleasant songs John,
Arranged together with heavenly music above.


Synaxarion of Saint John of Damascus

Life of Saint John of Damascus

Saint John of Damascus as a Model for our Lives

St. John of Damascus and the Miracle of Panagia Tricherousa

The Tomb and Cave of St. John of Damascus

On Feasts

On the Chaste Couple Joachim and Anna (St. John of Damascus)

Oration on the Nativity of the Holy Theotokos Mary (St. John of Damascus)

Canon for the Conception of the Honorable Glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John

The Only Thing New Under the Sun

The Fleshless and Incarnate Logos

Did Christ Have A Fallen Human Nature?

On the Transfiguration of Christ (St. John of Damascus)

Why Peter, James and John Were Chosen Witnesses of the Transfiguration

Concerning the Cross and Faith (St. John of Damascus)

On the Lord's Passion, Death and Descent into Hades (St. John of Damascus)

Canon of the Ascension (St. John of Damascus)

What it Means That Christ Sits at the Right Hand of the Father (St. John of Damascus)

The Relationship Between Saint John of Damascus and the Theotokos Together With a Sermon on Her Dormition

The Genuine and True Celebration of the Dormition of the Theotokos

His Teachings

The Nature of True Philosophy According to St. John of Damascus

The First Chapter of Genesis Explained in One Sentence

St. John of Damascus on How Paradise in Genesis Should Be Understood

Is the Whole Earth a Living Icon of the Face of God?

The Eight Baptisms According to St. John of Damascus

On the Destruction of the Eight Passions

The Body and Athletics in Orthodox Theology (1 of 4)

That the Qualities of the Soul Exist by the Grace of God

Praying for the Reposed Non-Christians and Non-Orthodox

Testimonies on the Benefits of Prayers for the Dead

Orthodox Demonology 101

Saint John of Damascus on Hell

Concerning the Antichrist (St. John of Damascus)

Concerning the Resurrection of the Dead (St. John of Damascus)

The Fathers of the Church and Islam (3 of 5)

An Orthodox Hymn For September 11th (9/11)?

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