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Friday, December 2, 2016

Holy Martyr Habibus the New of Edessa

St. Habibus of Edessa (Feast Day - December 2)


Going towards the fire Habibus said, "Pain I do not have, 
For I have the Master with me in the fire."

Saint Habibus was born in Edessa of Asia Minor, during the reign of Emperor Licinius (308-324). He had missionary zeal. After being ordained a deacon he preached his faith with boldness, strengthening and comforting the faithful, and he was beneficial to all. He had the gift of being able to communicate with people, that is, being able to understand them and to be understood, at least the well-intentioned. And with his graceful words, bright example, and the miracles he did by the grace of God, he attracted many pagans to the true faith.

Arrested by the governor, he confessed with boldness his faith, and with the patience of Job he faced cruel torture. Full of wounds he went voluntarily into a fire prepared to consume him, and thus he was offered as a burnt offering to the Trinity. His mother and relatives then gathered his relic, which remained unharmed from the fire, and buried it next to the holy Martyrs Gurias and Samonas who were martyred a few years before him. For this reason all three are celebrated together by the Church on November 15th, besides this memorial solely dedicated to Saint Habibus on December 2nd.

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