December 29, 2016

Big Announcement!!! (second update)

Dear Readers:

Christ is Born!

Now that Christmas has passed (for many of us) and the New Year is approaching, I wanted to send a final update on the progress of the initial announcement made exactly a month ago (read here) and follow up on the first update I made a few weeks ago (read here). I will not repeat here what this announcement was all about, so please read the links if you are not familiar with it. We are so far on track to move on to a subscription format on January 1st 2017.

First, the good news. Since I made this announcement a month ago, we have added a total of 180 paid subscribers to the already 150 or so. This puts us over the 300 paid subscriber mark.

Now the bad news. We are still about 170 paid subscriptions below the goal to keep these sites operating with open and free access by all.

However, there may be some good news on the way before I make my final decision on this. Because I ran into some obstacles a few weeks ago, I sent out my Christmas mailing a little late this year, so I'm hoping for more people to sign on. The potential is there to bring in about 150 more subscribers, therefore I will wait to make the final decision till the day after Theophany on January 6th, which is my name day on January 7th, to give time for the responses to come through. If things do not work out, then on January 8th we will be moving over to a paid subscription format. If things do work out, then it will all continue as is.

Many thanks to all those who have both kept their subscriptions going, and to those who are new to subscribing. I assure you, your gift is not only appreciated by me, but by many thousands throughout the world. Almost every day I receive sorrowful messages from almost every country around the world, sometimes even petitions from parishes begging me to not allow a paid subscription to happen. However, it will happen unless the 500 paid subscription goal is met by January 7th. This is the only way to keep this ministry from not shutting down for good at some point in the near future. But I am still optimistic no matter how things turn out.

A blessed new year to all!

John Sanidopoulos

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