December 16, 2016

Holy Martyr Marinos of Rome

St. Marinos of Rome (Feast Day - December 16)


The sword is made ready for the head of Marinos,
While his crown is made ready by the Lord.

The Holy Martyr Marinos lived during the reign of Emperors Corinus (283-285) and his younger brother Numerian (283-284). He was from Rome and at an early age shared in the deliberations and honor of the imperial senate. Accused of being a Christian, he was brought to trial. Choosing not to sacrifice to idols, he was suspended and beaten with wooden swords. He was then laid out over a fiery gridiron, then a heated frying pan, and then in a cauldron full of boiling water. From all these things he was kept unharmed, for the fire was amazingly changed into dew.

After these things he was thrown to the beasts to be devoured, but by divine grace they did not touch him. Then he deceived the emperor, saying he wanted to go to the temple of the idols to offer sacrifice, but when he arrived there the idols were demolished by his prayers. For this reason he was sentenced to decapitation. His parents accompanied him and encouraged him as he went to the place of his execution, blessing him for being found worthy of receiving such a blessed end. Thus he was beheaded, and received from the Lord the crown of martyrdom.