December 5, 2016

5 Miracles of Saint Savvas the Sanctified

Below are some of the numerous miracles of Saint Savvas the Sanctified following his venerable repose on the 5th day of December, in the year 533.

1. The Hierodeacon Romulos

A certain hierodeacon named Romulos came from Gethsemane. Thieves broke into his house and stole a large amount of silver. He lamented its loss and went to the Church of Saint Theodore, who is reported to reveal the identity of thieves, and besought him to solve the mystery. After five days there, he saw at night the Martyr, who said to him, "Why do you lament?" And he told him the reason. Then Saint Theodore replied as if he were explaining, "I was not here. The blessed Savvas was translated and the martyrs were ordered to accompany his blessed soul to its place of rest." Saint Theodore then bade him to go to a certain location, also adding, "You shall find the thieves and the silver." And thus the vision proved trustworthy.

2. The Ill Farmers

Two brothers, devoted friends of the Saint, owned a farm and a vineyard. At the time of harvest, they were stricken ill and lay lingering in bed. They were about to lose their crop, since there was no one else there to harvest it. However, they remembered the love that the Saint had for them when he was alive, so they called upon him to assist them. And, at once, he appeared to them individually and said, "I besought the Lord for you, and he has cured you. Therefore, tomorrow go the vineyard healthy." At dawn, they both rose without any trace of illness and went about proclaiming the marvelous recovery and held joyous celebration.

3. Ginarusa

A very pious and devout woman from Palestine, named Ginarusa, once promised to make two curtains for the two churches of the Saint: the one at the Cave and that at Castellium. She entrusted the task of making the curtains to two other women, providing all the materials and paying for the labor; but they were slothful. Ginarusa, meanwhile, was disturbed, fearing lest the Saint should become angry, because the promise was not promptly fulfilled. But the wondrous Savvas appeared in a vision and said to her, "Grieve not, for tomorrow the curtains will be completed as you have promised."

He said these things softly and with meekness. But to the women who were paid to sew, he appeared fearsome, and he threatened to punish them if they did not complete the task. At dawn, they awakened terror-stricken and told each other of the vision. Straightway, they abandoned all their other chores and tended only to that one. Thus, the promise to the God-fearing woman was fulfilled.

4. The Saracen

On another occasion, merchants were transporting wheat to the Dead Sea. One of them, a Saracen, was near the Lavra when he was driving his camels laden with wheat. One of his beasts stumbled over a precipice and fell with its entire load down below. As the Saracen observed the falling camel, he shouted, "Abba Savvas, by your prayers, help me!" Before he could complete his words, he beheld an elder with a white beard, sitting atop the camel. The Saracen climbed down to the wadi from another direction that was easier to descend, and found the camel safe and unharmed. He marveled at this and thanked the Saint. Thereafter, in gratitude, he made donations every year to the Monastery of the Saint, giving from his labor three coins.

Now let us relate another most pleasant and extraordinary event in addition to these that the sanctified man performed after death.

5. Mamas and Auxentios

At another season, a severe drought visited the region, and the Lavra lacked water, as we mentioned earlier. The monks were so desperate because of this that they wished to build a structure on top of a great rock and, below it, to dig a water tank into the bedrock instead of a cistern to collect the rainwater. They hired two expert masons for this purpose, named Mamas and Auxentios, and they constructed the building atop a rock, beneath which lay the relic of Saint Savvas. Then they hewed the rock in order to make a cistern, wherein the rain water would collect.

Suddenly, it began to rain; it rained so heavily that the water tank was filled to capacity and, unable to hold the water, it broke in two and fell over the precipice. Mamas, meanwhile, managed with difficulty to escape, but the younger Auxentios was overwhelemed by the waters and was cast over the precipice onto the rocks thirty feet below. Mamas wept for the loss of the youth, thinking that he was crushed under the debris and the falling water.

But when the rain subsided, Auxentios was seen whole and sound on the rocks below. Behold, Your marvels, O almighty God! It was our Saint who preserved Auxentios by the power of his authority before the Lord. He prevented the rocks and water from touching Auxentios, keeping him completely safe without sustaining any injuries to his body. He emerged safe and glad, proclaiming this miracle which the great Savvas did for him, to the glory of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the one God, to Whom is due all glory, honor and worship, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.