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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Saint Herman of Alaska Resource Page

St. Herman of Alaska (Feast Day - December 13 & August 9)

"From this day forth from this very hour and this very minute, 
let us love God above all and seek to accomplish His holy will."

Life of Saint Herman of Alaska (+ 1836)

Saint Herman of Alaska On Love For God

Derzhavin's "Ode to God" and Saint Herman of Alaska

A Documentary on the Relics of Saint Herman of Alaska

40th Anniversary of Glorification of St. Herman of Alaska

Pilgrims Celebrate St. Herman on Spruce Island

Siberian Mayor Claims Proof That Spruce Island Belongs to Russian Church

Filmmaker Hopes To Capture the Orthodox Spirituality of Alaskan Natives

Synaxis of All Saints of North America

Holy New Martyr Peter the Aleut

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