Friday, December 4, 2015

Saint Barbara Resource Page

St. Barbara the Great Martyr (Feast Day - December 4)


You were sacrificed by the sword of your father, Martyr Barbara,
Who was another Abraham, but of the devil.
On the fourth Barbara was beheaded by the hands of her father.

Synaxarion of Saint Barbara the Great Martyr

Life of the Holy Great Martyr Barbara

The Birthplace of Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara as a Model for our Lives

Translation of the Relics of Saint Barbara from Constantinople to Kiev

Saint Barbara and the Miraculous Deliverance from a Smallpox Epidemic on the Island of Lefkada in 1922

After 1,000 Years Saint Barbara Returns to Orthodox Hands

Various Miracles of Saint Barbara and Her Relics

The German Soldier Who Shot a Bullet at an Icon of Saint Barbara 
Oikos of Saint Barbara

Together let us venerate the memory of
Barbara, whose martyrdom was united to that
of Christ her Bridegroom; so that delivered by
her prayers from sin, famine, earthquake, and
destruction, we may live out our lives in
peace, and attain to the abode of light in the
company of all the saints who were well
pleasing to the Lord throughout the ages; then
we shall be able to sing with her, “O Savior,
You have brought about marvels of love for all
Your faithful who confess, I worship God in
Three Persons!"

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