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Saturday, December 4, 2021

The German Nazi Soldier Who Shot Saint Barbara in the Neck

During the German occupation, in the city of Sparta, there was a German Nazi soldier, known in the local community for his crude and malicious character. One day as he was passing by the Church of Saint Barbara, he repeatedly fired the icon of the Saint that was in the shrine at the intersection towards Kalogonia, opposite the church. One of the bullets struck the Saint in the neck. The incident, as was natural, made the Spartans agitated and sad.

A few days later, the German himself was drinking in an underground pub of the city, at the junction of Gortsologou and Kleombrotou streets, where to this day the building has been preserved. At some point, possibly after a verbal argument, he started shooting inside the pub. One of the bullets struck the stone wall and ricocheted​ so that it hit him on his neck, exactly at the same spot where he dishonored the icon of Saint Barbara. His death was instantaneous. Never did the Germans seek revenge against the Greeks since there were several Germans who saw exactly what happened. Some even mention that in the following days several German soldiers were seen venerating the icon that was shot.

The news spread quickly in the city and strengthened the faith of the Spartan people, who since then respect and honor Saint Barbara even more.
In the photo of the icon above, the "wound" from the bullet is distinguished in the neck.
Church of Saint Barbara at Kalogonia

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