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December 2, 2021

The Future of the Mystagogy Resource Center (Part 1)

To our dear readers and supporters:

2022 is the ten year anniversary of the Mystagogy Resource Center. Since that time we have published nearly 20,000 pages of mostly content, which have inspired and educated people around the world. With this we have established a firm foundation on which to move forward with bigger and better things, and none of this would be done if it wasn’t for your support, therefore I send my sincerest thank you for your generosity in supporting this ministry.

Beginning in January we are embarking on a new way of doing things at the Mystagogy Resource Center. With your generous support, I am starting a program that will take into account some of my own personal needs, otherwise I will be forced to have to relax my efforts and concentrate in that direction.

The Mystagogy Resource Center exists solely on the support of the people, like yourself, who find some sort of benefit from what I do. This is the only option for me. I have been offered grants and salaries to do what I do, but I turn them all down because I believe a ministry should live or die based on how successful it is in drawing people in and them feeling the need to support it in order for it to go on and thrive.

This of course has its drawbacks, as I need to work a full-time job in order to meet my own needs where support is lacking. However, I can no longer do things this way, because I am being driven to need to devote more time to my work than my ministry. My plan therefore beginning in January is to somewhat combine the two.

To summarize, from now on I will be working on the content for my webpages and everything that goes with it by salary. For now my salary will be the minimum wage where I live, in Massachusetts, which is $14.50 an hour, but I’m going to round up to $15.00 an hour. For the time and effort it takes me to do my research, write, translate, publish and disseminate the posts I do in a given day, the amount of time I put into it will be based on my average support I get in a month.

Let’s say the average donations of my ministry come to $600 a month on a $15 an hour wage. If you divide 600 by 15, the total will equal to about 40 hours of work in this ministry a month. For the past ten years, I've been putting in about 40 hours a week or more into this ministry. This would mean I will do my posts for one week a month, and remain silent the other three or four weeks. Maybe I will even do ten hours a week, which will equate to maybe 2 to 5 posts a week. However, the more I make in donations, the more hours I will put into this ministry.

My goal is to devote all my efforts into this ministry and expand it beyond what I am now doing. I can’t do that, however, the way things are going now. This is why a change is needed as soon as possible. Like I said, this change will begin in January, and I will update everyone on January 2nd on my main website on how things will go.

For this reason, your support is more crucial now than ever. Please do what you can to help. Thank you!

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

John Sanidopoulos

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