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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Saint Porphyrios and the Gift of Interpreting Languages

By Nun Katherine

Once I accompanied the Holy Elder, and a German doctor, who due to my narratives regarding the holiness of our dear Father, had a great desire to visit him.

The German did not know the Greek language. But in a few minutes there began a dialogue between them, which initially I thought to be natural.

As time passed, however, I noticed that they understood each other very well without need of an interpreter. Indeed they were discussing medical issues. The German doctor, now happy, departed his Cell.

Surprised, I then asked him:

"Elder, do you know German?"

"Oh you fool, as if I know German," he said to me smiling. "Didn't you hear, I was speaking Greek and she was speaking German. But we both understood in our own language! Don't ask. These things are done by the Holy Spirit!"

I heard that this miracle happened other times, this gift of the interpretation of languages, with a Frenchwoman, an Irishman, a Serbian and a Romanian.

Source: From Ο Όσιος Γέρων Πορφύριος --Η αγαπώσα καρδία. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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