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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Synaxarion of Saints Timothy and Polyeuktos the Martyrs


To Timothy the Deacon
Timothy, the burnt one,
Where will we lay you, having obtained an all-honorable end?

Saint Timothy was imprisoned for confessing Christ, and after various cruel tortures he completed his martyrdom by being cast into flames. This took place in Mauritania of North Africa.


To Polyeuktos of Caesarea
What was your end Polyeuktos of Caesarea?
You entered the flames, finding a prayerful end.

Saint Polyeuktos contested in Caesarea, and after various tortures that he endured for his faith in Christ, he also completed his martyrdom by being cast into flames.

In this manner these two holy Martyrs received crowns from the Lord

Sts. Polyeuktos (first on far left of upper row) and Timothy (second from right of middle row)

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