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December 3, 2015

Saint Theodoulos the Fool for Christ of Cyprus

St. Theodoulos of Cyprus (Feast Day - December 3)


Theodoulos shook the vine of Cyprus,
And when it made grapes he came to harvest it.

Saint Theodoulos the Fool for Christ lived in asceticism in Cyprus in an unknown time. When he was young he forsook the world for the love of Christ he had in his heart, and he became a monk. His primary occupation was fasting, praying, sleeping on stones instead of a bed, vigils and other ordeals in order to succeed in his illumination and sanctification. This led him to acquire the grace of God and the gift of  foreknowledge of the thoughts of men.

After receiving this holy gift from God he returned to the world and pretended foolishness in order to rebuke sinners with severity, revealing to them the secret thoughts of their souls, so as to lead them to repentance and a godly way of life.

Finally, after the Saint excelled in a holy way of life and brought many to repentance by his example and teachings, he departed in peace to Christ to enjoy the fruits of his labors. After his death, his holy relic was miraculous and worked many healings for the faithful.