August 20, 2019

What Sirach Said About the Prophet Samuel

Sirach 46:13-20 says:

"Samuel was loved by the Lord. As the Lord's prophet he established the kingdom and appointed rulers for the people. He judged the nation in accordance with the Law of the Lord, and the Lord protected Israel. Because Samuel was faithful, he was accepted as a true prophet. People trusted him as a seer because of his words. When his enemies were threatening him from every side, he called upon the mighty Lord and offered him a young lamb as a sacrifice. Then the Lord thundered from heaven with a mighty roar and destroyed all the enemy rulers of Philistia. When Samuel was about to die, he gave assurances before the Lord and the anointed king that he had never taken anyone's property, not even so much as a pair of shoes, and no one contradicted him. Even after he died, he prophesied to King Saul how he would die. Out of the grave he spoke as a prophet, to blot out his people's wickedness."