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August 16, 2019

The Only Church in Greece Dedicated to Saint Diomedes

The only church in Greece dedicated to Saint Diomedes the Physician is on the island of Chios, belonging to the Shoe Club of Chios.

It is a picturesque and elaborate church in a single-aisled Basilica style. It is made of brown Thymian stone, built in 1743 by the Brotherhood of Mavropapoutsidon, one of the two guilds of shoemakers in Chios.

During the massacre of Chios in 1822 it was destroyed by the Turks and restored in 1868 by the Brotherhood of Mavrapopoutsidon. In 1881 it suffered significant damage from the devastating earthquake that struck Chios and was repaired again in 1888.

In 1991 the church and the surrounding area were reconstructed and took its present form. The Church of Saint Diomedes has been declared a historic and preserved monument by the Ministry of Culture. It celebrates on August 16th.