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August 31, 2019

Holy Three Hundred and Sixty-Six Martyrs of Nicomedia

Holy 366 Martyrs of Nicomedia (Feast Day - August 31)


The decapitated multitude carries a leap year,
Binding to completion this year of writing.

The Holy Three Hundred and Sixty-Six Martyrs of Nicomedia met their end by a sword.


* The Synaxarion of Constantinople comes to an end with this commemoration, being the last day of the ecclesiastical year, equating the 366 Martyrs with a leap year, since in a leap year there are 366 days, and the calendar of the Church reflects the possibility of a leap year, since even in a leap year the extra day, which is February 29th, also requires a commemoration. Thus the year of the Lord has come to a completion.