August 20, 2019

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Heliodoros and Dosa

Sts. Heliodoros and Dosa of Persia (Feast Day - August 20)


Heliodoros and Dosa, the nobles,
Both contested bravely by the grace of Christ.

In the fifty-third year of his reign, King Shapur of the Persians went out with many soldiers to a Roman fort, and began to demolish the churches of the Christians, breaking the sacred and holy icons, and burning with fire the relics of the Saints. It was at this time that Saint Heliodoros and Saint Dosa presented themselves before the king, and rebuked his impiety, proclaiming the true faith of Christ (Saint Heliodoros was ninety-five years old at the time). For this the blessed ones endured many and various tortures, and lastly, their noses were cut off and their heads were burned. Hence, the Saints thanked God, delivered their souls, and ascended crowned into the heavens.*


* For more details about these Saints, and greater details, see the Acts of the Martyrs of Bezabde. There we are told that Heliodoros was a Bishop, and when he died he made Dosa (Dausa or Dawsa) his successor.