August 19, 2019

Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou Issues Statement Pending Police Investigation

With the help and grace of God the fasts and supplications to the Most Holy Theotokos have been completed. Let us keep our eyes fixed on her grace.

Let us continue, whoever is willing and able, to ask for her saving intercessions for the sufferings that lurk among us, for the fires to cease, for the prevention of earthquakes, for the liberation of the seas of Cyprus.

What we thought was a long way off, is nearer. The prophetic words of our contemporary saints, show us that the path to eliminating evil, and reducing evil in the world, passes through our personal repentance.

In regards to another fire, that of the flesh, the Holy Spirit and evil spirits, which some have ignited for us, we will not make any comment, fully respecting the relevant police investigation being conducted.

May the Panagia help us!

Praying on your behalf to the Lord,

† The Metropolitan of Morphou Neophytos