August 30, 2019

Synaxis of the Holy Serbian Hierarchs (Enlighteners and Teachers)

Synaxis of the Holy Serbian Hierarchs (Feast Day - August 30)

The Synaxis of the Holy Serbian Enlighteners and Teachers was established in 1769. The Saints commemorated on this day are: Sava, first Archbishop and Enlightener of Serbia (Jan. 14); Arsenius, his successor, a great hierarch and wonderworker (Oct. 28); Sava II, son of Saint Stephen, the first-crowned King of Serbia (Feb. 8); Nicodemus, About of Hilandar, later Archbishop of Serbia (May 11); Joannicius, Archbishop, later Patriarch from 1346 to 1349 (Sept. 3); Patriarch Ephraim, an ascetic, who crowned Prince Lazarus, and later left the patriarchate to live in solitude (June 15); Spyridon, Ephraim's successor, who reposed in 1388; Macarius, who printed many church books in Serbia and abroad, was very zealous in renovating and adoring churches, and reposed in 1574; Gabriel, Archbishop, who took part in the Church Council of Moscow during the patriarchate of Nicon, for which the Turks accused him of treason and hanged him in Prusa in the year 1656. Also commemorated are Eustathius (Jan. 4), James, Daniel (Dec. 20), Sava III, Gregory, Cyril (Patriarch), John, Maximus, and Nicon. Many of them labored in asceticism on the Holy Mountain, and all were "good and faithful servants, good labourers in the vineyard of the Lord."

Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone
Our first Hierarchs and God-bearing Fathers, as enlighteners of Serbia, her holy chief shepherds and patriarchs, true guardians of the apostolic traditions, unshakeable pillars and teachers of Orthodoxy, entreat Christ, the Master of all, for the peace of the world and great mercy for our souls.

Kontakion in the Third Tone
Ye that sat on the episcopal throne lived most piously and guided your people unto the knowledge of God, thereby becoming well pleasing unto Him. Hence, ye were glorified by Him with incorruption and miracles, as initiates of the grace of God.