March 14, 2018

Synaxarion of Saint Euschemos the Confessor, Bishop of Lampsakos

St. Euschemon the Confessor (Feast Day - March 14)


Before Euschemos died, he said like Paul,
Walk with nobility as in the day.

This Saint lived during the times of the iconoclasts. From infancy he was raised well, and reached perfect manhood, becoming an anointed temple of the Holy Spirit. After becoming a monk, he was elevated to the high office of the priesthood, and he was filled with the grace of God. Being wounded with divine zeal, he put to shame the heretical iconoclast priests, working strange wonders. A dead baby that was held by its mother, was raised up by his prayers, and brought back to life. He even became fearsome to wild beasts, for by his command alone he was able to make them flee, when they devoured the shoots of vegetables.*

He was shut in prison by the iconoclasts, because he venerated the revered and holy icons. By his teachings, he persuaded those who guarded him to venerate the holy icons. And wondrous was this, that while the Saint was imprisoned and exiled, he took care of the poor, showing mercy to them according to his strength. His life came to an end in peace, and after death he did not cease being a benefactor through his boundless miracles, to those who faithfully approached him, sprinkling all the sick with his grace.


* St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite writes regarding this: "Wherefore the name of this Saint Euschemos, should be referred to by the priests, when they read in the gardens the prayers of Saint Tryphon."