March 27, 2018

Saint Paul the Sign-Bearer, Bishop of Corinth (+ c. 925)

St. Paul the Bishop of Corinth (Feast Day - March 27)


Paul was the natural brother of Peter,
Together they dwell in the city above.

Our Venerable Father Paul was born in Constantinople to devout and pious parents, and he had three brothers named Dionysios, Plato and the renowned Saint Peter the Wonderworker and Bishop of Argos (Jan. 3 and May 3). The entire family together decided to embrace the monastic life, though the older brothers Paul and Dionysios embraced it first, while the younger brothers Plato and Peter embraced it in imitation of them, followed by their parents.

Due to his admirable virtue and learning, Patriarch Nicholas I Mystikos decided to elevate Peter as Bishop of Corinth, but Peter shunned the honor in his desire to live a life of silence and prayer, so the honor was given to his brother Paul. Peter accompanied his brother Paul to Corinth, where he lived a life of silence and asceticism for some time while Paul shepherded the flock of Christ. However, he did not achieve his goal there, since when the Bishop of Argos reposed, the people of Argos entreated Bishop Paul to send them his brother Peter to shepherd them. When Peter learned of this, he again fled from taking the position. But when he returned, he gave in to their tears and entreaties, and thus Peter became the Bishop of Argos.

Having shepherded the flock of Christ in Corinth well, and worked many signs and wonders, Saint Paul reposed in peace.