March 28, 2018

Holy Martyrs Priscus, Malchus and Alexander of Caesarea

By Eusebius of Caesarea

(Ecclesiastical History, Bk. 7, Ch. 12)

During the persecution under Valerian (253-260), three men in Caesarea of Palestine, being conspicuous in their confession of Christ, were adorned with divine martyrdom, becoming food for wild beasts. One of them was called Priscus, another Malchus, and the name of the third was Alexander. They say that these men, who lived in the country, acted at first in a cowardly manner, as if they were careless and thoughtless. For when the opportunity was given to those who longed for the prize with heavenly desire, they treated it lightly, lest they should seize the crown of martyrdom prematurely. But having deliberated on the matter, they hastened to Caesarea, and went before the judge and met the end we have mentioned.