March 26, 2018

Holy Martyrs Kodratos, Theodosios, Manuel and the Forty Martyrs With Them


To Kodratos.
I admire the bravery of Kodratos,
How the blessed one bravely subjected himself and was slaughtered.

To Theodosios.
Theodosios lived for God alone,
Giving up his life for Him by the sword.

To Manuel.
By the sword I shed forth a cup,
Manuel declared of his blood.

To the Forty.
Forty Martyrs by the sword,
Approached God, O the bravery!

These Saints were from somewhere in the East. When they would daily see Christians being put to death by the idolaters, they together agreed to boldly confess their faith in Christ, in order that they may inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Of their own will they delivered themselves over to the ruler of that place, who at that time was examining and punishing many Christians. Standing before him, they confessed they were Christians. For this they were imprisoned, and after a few days they were taken out of prison, and they were suspended naked on wooden stakes, and their sides were torn into. Then they were dragged over caltrops, and finally beheaded, by which the blessed ones received the crown of martyrdom.