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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Saint Benedict of Nursia Resource Page

St. Benedict of Nursia (Feast Day - March 14)


Choking thoughts as the bridle of all passions,
Benedict rejected the bridles of life.
On the fourteenth Benedict departed to Olympus.

Synaxarion of Saint Benedict of Nursia

Life and Miracles of Saint Benedict of Nursia (A.D. 480-547)

Saint Benedict as a Model for our Lives

Saint Scholastica of Nursia, Sister of Saint Benedict

The Young Monk Who Was Cast Out of His Grave After His Burial

Saint Benedict and the Sign of the Holy Cross

The Twelve Steps To Humility (St. Benedict of Nursia)

Amalfion Benedictine Monastery on Mount Athos

The Benedictine Monastery of Saint Mary on Mount Athos

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