Friday, March 16, 2018

Saints and Feasts of March 16

On the sixteenth Sabinos was hence carried away.

Holy Martyr Sabinos of Egypt

Holy Martyr Sabinos of Hermopolis

Holy Martyr Papas

Holy Martyr Papas of Lycaonia

Holy Martyr Julian of Cilicia

Holy Martyr Julian of Cilicia

Saint Alexander, Pope of Rome

Saint Alexander I, Pope of Rome (+ c. 115)

Venerable Aninas the Wonderworker

Synaxarion of Saint Aninas the Wonderworker

Venerable Christodoulos the Wonderworker of Patmos

Saint Christodoulos of Patmos Resource Page

Saint Ambrose the Confessor

Saint Ambrose the Confessor (+ 1927)

Venerable Eutropia (Isayenkova) of Kherson

Saint Eutropia (Isayenkova) of Kherson Glorified By Ukrainian Church

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