March 21, 2018

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Philemon and Domninos

Sts. Philemon and Domninos (Feast Day - March 21)


The friends Philemon and Domninos were beheaded,
Their friendship perfected by beheading.

These Holy Martyrs were from the great and glorious city of Rome.* During the persecution against the Christians, they walked to Italy and preached Christ, where they converted many to faith in Christ, and baptized them. For this reason they were arrested by the idolaters, and brought before the ruler of Italy. Because they were neither softened by flatteries nor persuaded by the promises of gifts, but they called upon Christ and proclaimed Him God, the idolaters suspended them to the ground naked by their four limbs, and they were beaten mercilessly, then cast into prison. They were then taken out and their holy heads were cut off, and in this way the blessed ones received the crown of martyrdom.


* Some sources say they were from Thessaloniki and were martyred in Rome.