Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Saint Iakovos Tsalikes Resource Page

St. Iakovos Tsalikes of Evia (Feast Day - November 22)


Elder Iakovos Tsalikes, the Long-Range Star of Evia

The Relationship Between Elder Iakovos Tsalikes and St. Paraskevi

The Healing of Elder Iakovos Tsalikes by St. Haralambos

Elder Iakovos of Evia and the Command of the Archangels

Elder Iakovos Guided By the Wing of an Angel

When St. Iakovos of Evia Celebrated Christmas in the Forest

Elder Iakovos Tsalikes and Patriarch Bartholomew

Patriarch Bartholomew On Contemporary Holy Elders

Elder Porphyrios' Esteem For Elders Iakovos of Evia and Paisios the Athonite

Footage from the Funeral Service of Saint Iakovos Tsalikes in November 1991

The Monastic Cell of Saint Iakovos Tsalikes in Evia As He Left It


Elder Iakovos Tsalikes: "Fasting is a Commandment of God"

When a Confessor Puts a Canon on You, It Cannot Be Undone

Controversial End Time Prophecies By Holy Elders


The Unbelieving Physicist and a Miracle Above and Beyond the Laws of Nature

179 Newly-Revealed Martyrs of Ntaou Penteli


Upcoming Canonizations of Orthodox Elders

Elder Iakovos Tsalikes Has Been Officially Numbered Among the Saints

The First Vigil in Honor of Elder Iakovos Tsalikes

The Abbot of the Monastery of the Venerable David on the Canonization of Elder Iakovos Tsalikes

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