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November 4, 2017

Holy Hieromartyrs Nikandros the Bishop of Myra and Hermaios the Presbyter

Sts. Nikandros and Hermaios the Martyrs (Feast Day - November 4)


The two Martyrs lived with longing for God,
And alive they were bitterly buried in the tomb.

The Holy Hieromartyrs Nikandros and Hermaios were both ordained by the Apostle Titus, Nikandros as Bishop of Myra and Hermaios as Presbyter. They were both distinguished for their great zeal and their great labors in winning pagans over to the faith of Christ. Because of this, they were accused before a certain prefect, Libanus, who subjected them to bitter tortures.

First he had the Saints tied to horses that he kept only for running, then these were forced to run away. The Saints were dragged to such an extent that their flesh was all cut up, and the ground was red with their blood. After this he ordered for the Saints to be suspended up high and beaten with wooden swords. Then they were cast into a burning furnace, but since they remained unharmed from the fire by the power of God, the inhuman tyrant ordered that nails be hammered into the hearts, the heads and the inward parts of the Saints.

After all this, the Holy Martyrs were still alive, so they were ordered to be enclosed in a tomb. Thus enclosed, the blessed ones delivered their souls into the hands of God, having endured such harsh and cruel violence.

Apolytikion in the Third Tone
Thou didst bear the fruit of knowledge, and wast like the Apostles, O Nikandros, and a faithful priest. Together with Hermaios thy companion in contest, intercede with the Lord Who has glorified thee, to grant us His great mercy.

Kontakion in the Third Tone
With the spiritual plough you cultivated souls, by the preaching of the word. You have offered to Christ the sheaves of your contests, O Martyrs Nikandros and Hermaios. You were instructed by Titus and became divine tablets of doctrine.