November 25, 2017

Holy Hieromartyr Moses, Presbyter of Rome (+ 251)

St. Moses of Rome (Feast Day - November 25)

Saint Moses was possibly of Jewish origin and a presbyter of Rome. He corresponded with Saint Cyprian of Carthage and zealously opposed the Novatian schism and heresy. According to Pope Cornelius of Rome, when Moses beheld the boldness and folly of the rigorism of Novatian, who had sought to become the Pope of Rome himself, he "refused to commune with him and with the five presbyters who with him had separated themselves from the Church."

For his unbending courage he was one of the first victims under Emperor Decius, according to the testimony of Saint Cyprian. After he had been in prison with his companions for eleven months and eleven days, during which time he was consoled by the letters of Saint Cyprian, that is to say, at about 1 January 251, Moses died and was accounted a martyr. Pope Cornelius says he "suffered among us a glorious and admirable martyrdom."