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Monday, November 20, 2017

Saint Proclus of Constantinople Resource Page

St. Proclus of Constantinople (Feast Day - November 20)


The heavens have you Proclus as a winning-post,
And those within rejoice over your golden words.

Saint Proclus, Patriarch of Constantinople

On Saint Proclus of Constantinople (Socrates Scholasticus)

Saint Proclus and his Writings

St. John Chrysostom, the Greatest Interpreter of the Apostle Paul

The Validity of Episcopal Transfers from One See to Another

Commemoration of the Great Earthquake of 447 and the Snatching Up of the Child in the Air

Translation of the Relics of St. John Chrysostom (St. Dimitri of Rostov)

Sermon on the Annunciation (St. Proclus of Constantinople)

St. Proclus' Homily For December 26th

On the Day of Palms (St. Proclus of Constantinople)

Encomium on All the Martyrs and Saints (St. Proclus of Constantinople)

St. Andrew the First-Called Apostle, the First to Find Christ (St. Proclus of Constantinople)

Encomium for the Holy Protomartyr Stephen (St. Proclus of Constantinople)

St. Stephen the Protomartyr, "the Censer of Grace"

An Encomium to Saint Nicholas of Myra (St. Proclus of Constantinople)

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