November 18, 2017

Saint Nektarios and the Protestant Who Became Orthodox

What follows is the testimony of a recent miracle of Saint Nektarios:

On June 20 [probably of 2009] we went with the Unborn Child Protection Society on a pilgrimage trip to Aegina. We venerated the grace-flowing relics of Saint Nektarios and went to his bedroom, his grave and his new majestic church, built by the late Metropolitan Hierotheos of Hydra.

A nun narrated for us many miracles of Saint Nektarios, such as cancer healings, severe injuries, even one who was clinically dead, as well as appearances of the Saint. The following is an amazing incident. She said:

"In 2007 a German Protestant came to our monastery. Some people told him to put his ear against the tomb of the Saint to hear the banging of his cane. He put his ear to the tomb and heard a voice in German say: 'You will become Orthodox and after two years you will come here and liturgize.' The German was shocked by this and when he returned to his homeland he was catechized, baptized Orthodox and became a Priest; and not too long ago he came and liturgized at our monastery."

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.