April 21, 2022

Saint Iakovos of Evia's Holy Thursday Fast During His Illness

"His ascetic struggles were great. Even in the period when he was ill. He had a pacemaker in his heart, he had done various surgeries, he was taking many drugs, which put a lot of strain on his stomach. When on Great Thursday, Fr. Kyrillos, because Elder Iakovos was in a terrible condition, put a little oil in his food, he became upset and said: "I am not a Turk to eat oil on Great Thursday."

All these things, I think, are lessons for us, because we see our brethren, even on Great Friday, abolish everything. But this is how we ruin this weapon that God has given us against the devil, namely fasting, along with prayer, since He himself told us that this kind does not leave us, except with prayer and fasting."
Source: Excerpt from a homily by Elder Gabriel, Abbot of the Monastery of Venerable David in Evia, regarding Saint Iakovos Tsalikes.