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April 23, 2022

Homily for Holy Saturday (Archpriest Rodion Putyatin)

By Archpriest Rodion Putyatin

Everyone is preparing for the upcoming feast, everyone is busy with one thing - how to better celebrate the Bright Resurrection of Christ. To help your preparation somewhat, I will say in brief words the main thing: how we, Christians, should celebrate the Bright Resurrection of Christ.

How should we celebrate? Celebrate, listeners, as merrily as possible; rejoice, listeners, as much as possible. This is the main thing: rejoice as much as possible, celebrate as merrily as possible. The Resurrection of Christ brought us such joy that we will never exhaust everything, no matter how much we rejoice; in Jesus Christ there is so much consolation for us that we can never rejoice in Him to the fullest. Look at our mother - the Holy Orthodox Church - tomorrow see how she rejoices and is glad. She, one might say, is all joy, all fun, she seems to be all with us in Heaven, and not on earth, all triumphs, and does not fight.

Listen to what Jesus Christ said to Mary Magdalene and the other Mary as they came to His tomb. He said "rejoice". Of course, He knew to whom He spoke, He knew that these women would understand how to rejoice, He knew that they would not forget Him in the midst of their joy.

But I also know to whom I am speaking: I am speaking to Christians who understand that it is a sin in the midst of joy to forget their Christ, the Source of joy.

So, I’ll tell you, listeners: be as cheerful as possible on the bright feast of Christ, rejoice as much as possible in the Bright Resurrection of Christ. With a gloomy face, with malice in the heart, with slyness in the tongue, it is indecent, it is a sin to celebrate Easter in this manner for us, Orthodox Christians, for our Easter - Jesus Christ slain for us - is eternal joy.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you to celebrate the feast merrily and joyfully, and may He Himself preserve you in the midst of joy and gladness from all vice and deceit. Amen.