August 10, 2021

Saint Iakovos Tsalikes and the Trees Surrounding the Monastery of the Venerable David in Evia

The following was written by Fr. Dionysios Tatsis, in his 2004 book Διδαχές Γερόντων [Teachings of the Elders]. In light of the fires in Evia, and especially the fire that engulfed the Monastery of the Venerable David this past week, it is particularly interesting to read.

When I went to the monastery [of the Venerable David in Evia], Elder Iakovos Tsalikes [+ 1991] was talking about how, due to old fires, the surrounding mountains were naked and only a few pine trees and fir trees existed. So as I was going about my various duties, I had seeds and pine cones in my pocket and I sowed them all over the area. I also prayed that the forest be protected, especially from fires, which are caused by the envy of the devil, who puts his agents there to destroy the forests.