October 5, 2017

Ten Simple Yet Profound Sayings of Saint Methodia of Kimolos

By St. Methodia of Kimolos

1. We carnal humans do not turn our minds to death. God tells us to prepare ourselves, because we do not know the hour and the moment.

2. This world is like a dream.

3. Hate the corruptible things of this vain world and its pleasures, and follow our Creator.

4. God says in the Holy Gospel that whoever follows Him He will not let become wretched, but like a fountain He will pour out His grace upon him.

5. Have patience, love and humility.

6. Without humility a man is not saved, no matter how many good deeds he performs. Humility saves man.

7. Prayer brings the Lord to us.

8. Whoever loves God with his whole heart receives from Him great blessings.

9. God loves prudent girls and people honor them.

10. Do not seek only your own good, but also the good of your fellow human beings.