October 15, 2017

Saint Sabinus the Wonderworker, Bishop of Catania (+ 760)

St. Sabinus of Catania (Feast Day - October 15)


Sabinus lived a life equal to the Angels,
In death he joined the chorus of Angels.

Because of his many virtues, the blessed Sabinus was ordained Bishop of Catania. After some time, due to the commotion that comes with the office, he withdrew into the wilderness to be alone with God. There he struggled very hard in the ascetic life, and in turn was made worthy of becoming a vessel of grace through the working of miracles. He healed sicknesses and diseases, banished demons from the possessed, and foretold the future. Having benefited many, they were persuaded by his teachings to leave the world and their parents, and become monastics for the love of Christ. He reposed in peace in the year 760.