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Saints and Feasts of June 5

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Saints and Feasts of October 26

On the twenty-sixth spears pierced the side of Demetrios.

Holy and All-Glorious Great Martyr and 
Wonderworker Demetrios the Myrrhgusher

Saint Demetrios of Thessaloniki Resource Page

Commemoration of the Transfer of the Icon of 
Saint Demetrios from Thessaloniki to Constantinople

Commemoration of the Transfer of the Icon of St. Demetrios from Thessaloniki to Constantinople

Holy Martyrs Artemidoros and Basil

Holy Martyr Leptina

Holy Martyr Glykon

Holy Martyrs Lucian and Marcian

Venerable Athanasios of Medikion Monastery

Saint Theophilus of the Kiev Caves 
and Archbishop of Novgorod

Venerable Kosmas of Yakhrom

Holy New Venerable Martyr Joasaph

Saint Demetrios of Misti-Konaklı 
near Nigde in Cappadocia

Translation of the Sacred Relic of the 
Holy New Martyr George of Ioannina

Commemoration of the Great Earthquake 
at Constantinople in 740

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