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October 13, 2017

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Karpos, Papylos, Agathadoros and Agathonike

Sts. Karpos, Papylos, Agathodoros and Agathonike (Feast Day - October 13)


To Karpos and Papylos.
Karpos and Papylos both fruits of God,
By your beheading the celestial tent opened.

To Agathodoros.
The numerous gifts of Agathodoros strengthens,
The numerous who contest with terrible scourging.

To Agathonike.
No one hinders you Martyr Agathonike,
A female from going to the divine by an end from the sword.

On the thirteenth Karpos and Papylos were slain by the sword.

These Holy Martyrs of Christ contested during the reign of Emperor Decius, when the Proconsul of the East was Valerian, in the year 250, and they were physicians by trade. Saint Karpos was also Bishop of Thyateira, and Papylos was a Deacon ordained by the same Karpos. They were arrested by the governor there, and after being questioned, they confessed before all the name of the Master Christ. Having been urged to sacrifice to the idols, but unable to be persuaded, they were tied up behind horses, and they were dragged before the emperor, from Thyateira to Sardis. There they were suspended on wooden posts and clawed. Then Saint Agathodoros, a servant of the Saints, was strengthened by a divine Angel, and openly confessed Christ. Therefore he also was suspended, and beaten with rods without mercy. By these torments, he delivered his soul into the hands of God. While hanging, Saint Karpos smiled. The governor asked him why he smiled, and he responded: "I beheld the glory of my Lord and I rejoiced."

Papylos was then tied to four stakes, and lifted high above the ground. Then he was stoned. Because he was not wounded by this, he was brought to the tribunal with Karpos. Both were then dragged over caltrops, and they were beaten in the stomachs from above. After this they were cast before beasts to be devoured by them. Then a lioness - O the miracle! - spoke with a human voice, and prevented the persecutors from showing such fierceness towards the Saints. The persecutors covered their ears with their shields, and nailed iron shoes to the feet of the Martyrs. Like this they were cast into a furnace. Then Agathonike, the sister of Saint Papylos, prayed, and she also entered the furnace. Because the flames were extinguished from rain that came from heaven, the Saints remained unharmed. Finally they were beheaded, and received crowns of martyrdom.

Apolytikion in the Third Tone
Throughout the course of your holy lives, you were seen to be fellow heirs of Christ, and by your contest you triumphed over the enemy. O wise Karpos, renowned Agathodoros, glorious Papylos, intercede with Christ our God to grant us the forgiveness of our sins.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
God has granted your bodies as precious treasure to those living on earth, a stream of healing dispelling sickness and pouring out grace on all. We fervently celebrate your festival, O holy and blessed Martyrs.